We assist organizations with the development and execution of best practices related to pre-hire support, employee retention, cost of turnover analysis and creation of effective onboarding.

Having executable best practices will bring valuable results to the employees, workplace and organization.

  • Experience more effective hiring by utilizing a pre-hire assessment service.
  • Improve employee retention
  • Greater workplace satisfaction
  • Creation of procedures and policies for more effective onboarding of new employees

Understanding the Impact and Cost of Turnover

We understand that turnover will happen. Sometimes it is expected or planed and sometimes it is not. Some people may believe that understanding and measuring turnover is not important because “it will happen anyway” and they will just deal with it when it does.

But employees are unique. While no one is irreplaceable, employees are not expendable Each person brings strengths, weaknesses and various skills and talents to the organization. They make positive contributions based upon those skills and talents and their longevity as an employee is valuable to the organization. When they depart for any reason, the new employee will be different and those differences will have an impact on your business, maybe positive or negative, maybe immediate or maybe over time.


  • Cost or recruiting, advertising, interviewing and screening.
  • Cost of onboarding and managements time in training.
  • Lowered customer service experiences.
  • Lost productivity. It is estimated that some positions take 12 to 24 months to reach the productivity levels of the previous person.
  • Training Costs. It is reported that over a 2 to 3-year period the company could invest as much as 20% of an employee’s salary for training.
  • Lower employee morale and lost engagement of employees due to constant turnover.
  • Creating or evaluating current exit interview policies.
  • Understanding the “Why’s” of turnover

Pre-Hire and Employee Development

We utilize the Everything DiSC family of solutions for the development of people because it has a proven track record of building better communication, more effective relationships and the overall quality of the workplace. Everything DiSC is the original, most researched and most transformational DISC product on the market.

Whether white-collar, blue-collar, or no-collar, Everything DiSC can help anyone communicate and interact more effectively with others. Insightful Profile reports put assessment insights into action with specific, personalized solutions and strategies while creating a common language that people can use across organizational hierarchy and industry.

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Everything DiSC® Offerings Include:

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Onboarding of New Employees

Few companies have an effective onboarding plan that they execute on a regular basis. Developing and executing a well thought out Onboarding Policy will create a positive impact on the organization and the new employee. It is also necessary that all leadership and departments work together in its proper execution.

Areas of Consideration Include:

  • Updating job descriptions and clearly communicating them in the pre-hire process. These should be included in a ‘New Hire” package and reviewed on the new employees first day.
  • Development of a New Hire package. This could include all company polices, employee handbook and training calendar, review of technology and systems relating to the position, product training, timelines, expectations identification of responsible people.
  • Scheduling formal and informal meetings with the new employee to insure understanding, execution of the onboard plan and to answer questions and provide positive support.
  • Review of pre-hire behavioral assessments for effective coaching and motivation.