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Why Everything DiSC?

Blog Picture Everything Disc Inview ConsultingWhen we started InView Consulting LLC, I knew wanted to become an authorized partner for the Everything DiSC suite of assessments because of the great success I had witnessed in companies that had utilized them. When I witnessed sales managers, office administrators and sales teams improve their internal communication that increased their productivity, I was impressed.


Then I witnessed how sales professionals became more effective on sales appointments. They had learned how to adapt to their clients buying styles. They were creating customer-centric interactions that improved overall sales results.


An additional benefit was the how they built stronger relationships over time with buyers and executive leaders that would produce future sales growth and success.


A key to this success was the daily discussion of how to use Everything DiSC tools in the workplace and with customers. Leaders were constantly referring to the DiSC tools and how to apply what they had learned. Both internal and external customers benefited from the team’s focused efforts to apply Everything DiSC to the workplace and sales.



Workplace-Circle_thumb Inview ConsultingWe have experienced the significant differences between the Everything DiSC assessment and other DISC tools available in the marketplace. Here are a few key observations:


Transformational learning. Unlike most other solutions available, the family of Everything DiSC tools focuses on the complete learning process, regardless of someone’s role in the organization, creating a common language that the entire organization can understand and apply. We often hear that once people experience an Everything DiSC Profile, they see the world and others with whom they interact through a new lens. These tools have the power to transform learners’ understanding of themselves and others, offering new choices for how they interact with the people around them.


Simple, but not simplistic. One of the biggest differentiators of Everything DiSC is that we’re more than just a data-dump of information about the learner. Our Profiles show how to use the model, especially with others. Each Profile tells a story that the learner can easily connect with. The learner will have the ability to take action immediately and put the insights and strategies into practice with anyone.


Advanced testing methodology. With an uncompromising focus on research and validity, we ensure that the feedback and insight our tools provide are as accurate and reliable as possible. Most other DISC-related tools are still using some variation of our first attempt to measure the assessment: a 24-item, forced-choice (most/least) questionnaire. With modern advancements in psychometrics, we now can offer better solutions than the equivalent of paper-and-pencil assessments. In addition, a few of the available DISC tools use even fewer items than our original, which adversely impacts the tool’s usefulness.


What also sets the Everything DiSC® family of tools apart is the use of a five-point Likert response scale and our method of Adaptive Testing (AT), a computer-based iterative methodology that successively selects and presents subsequent questions based on a learner’s response to previous ones. Most importantly, this type of tailored testing increases the precision of the assessment instrument and, ultimately, the results.


Simply Put – Everything DiSC is the original, most researched, and most transformational DISC product on the market and we have found it extremely effective personally and professionally.

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